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McCulloch in B&Q

Securing dedicated display space in a major retailer for 6 months is quite an achievement, ensuring the display is designed and constructed to survive the DIY retail environment and look fresh for the same period of time is also a major achievement.


McCulloch secured a 3m display bay in over 80 B&Q Warehouses nationwide, to run from Easter 2014 through to Autumn 2014. With this sort of longevity seasonal products can be displayed throughout, brush cutters and trimmers for summer, blower vacs and chainsaws for autumn, plus all the accessories and maintenance products that support them.


McCulloch commissioned Triangle to design, develop and produce a display to last the distance and show case their CS360T Chainsaw, T26CS Grass Trimmer, B26PS Brush cutter, GBV 325 Blower Vac and Ergolite 6028 Hedge Trimmer.


Working with McCulloch and within B&Q’s artwork guidelines we developed a three sided backdrop to showcase the products and up-sell accessories and maintenance equipment. Unlike other displays, our backdrop is a free standing construction that interlocks with itself  so it is stable and self supporting once erected on the shelf.


Security and safety is paramount when displaying live product, so each of the 5 showcased products required bespoke fasteners to ensure they cannot be removed or fall from the display. A security wire was developed for the three shelf mounted products whilst the trimmer and brush cutters were mounted to a bespoke bracket designed specifically by Triangle to fit the B&Q racking system.


All the displays were despatched in batches direct to store where the team of installers completed and merchandised every display within a two week window.


It’s time to enjoy and maintain our gardens now, working closely with McCulloch we have no excuse to not get out there!


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